Monday, March 12

Sourdough Breads

I posted a picture of a dough made with natural yeast; here are the results! There are two different types of bread. With one I made a pretty typical sourdough loaf. It is a little dark for my liking, but once I master the technique I will hopefully be able to produce a stretchy, shiny, golden crust. Taste was not affected. Tastes just fine. Yum.

The second is a sourdough base, risen with milk instead of water, and comprising of more whole wheat than white flour (like the first loaf). I put in spices, currants, and brown sugar as per the recipe. I've made this once before and liked it--next time I believe I'll shape smaller rolls and bake them longer. Maybe let them rise a bit longer.

As of this blog entry, neither of these creations now exist, or at least they exist in wildly different, digested forms...

Now I just have to see if I can make the started behave so I can make more bread.


bmentzer said...

I like the firt and last parts. Not the sad part about horrid consumption and decomposition.

rika said...

You'll like the bit about consumption if I can get the starter to behave again.