Thursday, March 8

The Hesperian Harp, 166

This is a test to see whether or not I can actually upload videos. It is also my new favorite song, and a picture of my garden from inside the house. How cleverly I combine them!

I make no apologies and don't claim to be professional at anything; I sung as quietly as I could so as not to wake anyone, and then chose the best picture to match. It is from last year so my peppermint isn't nearly as overbearing yet.

The words to the song as are follows:

Oh, were I like a feathered dove, and innocence had wings!
I'd fly and make a long remove from all these restless things.

Let me to some wild desert go and find a peaceful home,
Where storms of malice never blow and sorrows never come.

Here and here's where I learned it. 

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