Thursday, July 29

Gretre luf hath ne man than thys: that he maketh cioccolat muffyns ond doth not ete them alle but leveth som for hys frendes.

Sometimes I am absolutely delighted by my work. No matter that my life choices have been completely unorthodox (and yet somehow traditional?) and my future so uncertain as to test my faith! I am learning to wait on the Lord and live in the moment. This moment specifically being the one in which I made chocolate muffins in the middle of the night.

Anybody who has had an even semi-fulfilled childhood knows the happiness of licking the spoon/bowl of the batter of something delicious, like cookies or cake or pudding. But did you know that this joy is just as present when you are an adult? I generally do not go in for this sort of thing because although I believe you shouldn't trust a skinny cook, you also should beware the fat ones. So I give the spoons and bowls away to people who appreciate them. It was particularly nice tonight because I got to give a large spoonful away to a young woman all curled up in bed with a book and a cat and lots of pillows ("I want to CRY right now there is so much chocolate in this!"), and the new young man upstairs who was on the phone and playing clips of old Batman shows on YouTube ("Is that chocolate? I CAN PUT MY MOUTH ON THAT?!!?").

I dunno. I guess happy domesticity + chocolate = gets me every time.


K said...

Lemon is where it's at.

miss rika said...

Oh come on... seriously?! My mother is of your kind. It is hard to know that I come of such stock. Except that I love me some Shaker Lemon Pie. And it is nice to have competition.

Rebbie said...

I agree with K only in the case of lemon squares.

plain ol' chocolate chip cookies cure many of my ailments. ailments. esp. when they're done and I don't want more than one because I've "cleaned" the implements so well.

K said...

Indeed, indeed. It is easy for me to become sated on chocolate, there are many chocolate things for which I do not care, but I can never get enough lemon.

But add a little peanut butter to the chocolate and... well, I'd have to think a lot harder about whether I'd still prefer lemon.

Anonymous said...

HUSBAND does not enjoy licking the bowl. Normally I would refrain from associating with anyone of this nature, but in this case it means not only more for me, but ALL for me. Mwa ha ha. Love, Caddy