Thursday, April 8

Think about such things.

It is funny how with some of my friends I know them for short periods of time and on a superficial basis--coworkers, classmates, churchmice, coffee addicts--and others I have known for years and through toil and trouble and long absences and stubborn phases (for these I have had to search under floorboards and behind boulders and in trees).

These last are very singular, very much their own selves. Their friendship is solid and faithful and unique. I'm grateful from the foundation of my heart that with them I can be honest and interested and laugh at what I think is funny. And time is not something we worry about.

And now I must wash dishes and feed my sourdough starter, whom I have yet to name. Suggestions?


K said...


miss rika said...

The historian? Any particular reason why? I am leaning towards Sir Dinadan.

K said...

I just like the name; no other reason.