Wednesday, April 7

Soðlice Crist aras:)

Things about May
The Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival looms ever nearer, and with it May Day (when I bake and assemble the first cream layer cake of the summer), and then my summer term begins with my first academic class in over a year. These are a lot of exciting things all in one month! This means that by my birthday I shall have a spinning wheel and be very fat and also have more Latin textbooks to curse!

H. C. Anderson's fairy tales
How I loathe them in comparison with the Grimms'. This is intolerable. Why must all children be complete sops and all adults be kindly with no sense of real humor at all! This is not the way things are at all, not in my world. Is there to be no mystery left?! Why must he be determined to understand everything? Children are not stupid, you know.

Knitting project finished
In other news, I finished my project for my mother's formal dinner. Fortunately or not the only picture I could get of the finished product has a cat posing on top of it. Hopefully I will be able to get a good shot of the blocked product on its wearer on the night of the event. The lace pattern is really much better seen when blocked, I think.

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