Friday, March 26

Apple Pi.

On the 14th of March (3.14) I attended a pi party. Naturally, I brought pie. And as soon as I took it out of the oven, out came all the geeks with their cameras!! Turns out excellently for my blog pictures. At least three of the apples I peeled for this pie, I peeled in one long strip the ENTIRE APPLE. I should get some kind of award.


K said...

Far be it from me to criticise a pie I cannot taste, but looking at the photos the apples are sliced much thicker than is my wont when I do it. I would imagine they would retain a greater crunchiness. Is this something you intend in an apple pie? Or perhaps you use different apples from the Granny Smiths I customarily select?

Not to leave you with the wrong impression, mine is merely a scullion's labour under my wife's direction. She is the true baker, though I am curious to know.

miss rika said...

Ah! A discerning photoenthusiast! These are not my usual Granny Smiths either--they are red apples; little wintery wrinkled red apples that were dimpled and difficult to peel. This didn't have any effect on their tastiness in pie, tho I generally like a more "awake" apple flavor (something which stands on its own against, say, a mountain of ice cream).

As it happens, I used an oversized pie plate (from King Arthur Flour) in a hotter-than-usual oven with a butter crust; the apples were (though with a regular pie plate and crust they'd have been soggy mush) only just cooked when the crust itself was a delicious golden brown. The pi and apple motifs on the top were coated with cinnamon before being affixed to the crust, so that is why they are darker.

Your wife is a professional pastry chef, I understand, and so she has trained you up in the right way concerning things pie. You are right to have questions.