Thursday, August 6

Here are some pictures of knitted socks.

In the recent past, my hobbies have centered around homemaking activities; mostly cooking, household maintenance and craftwork. My work day begins an hour or two before the evening meal and lasts until about 4 a.m.--an odd schedule, but it seems to work out alright as we have people working at home who like quiet mornings, and leaving the dishes till morning is not really something to be done in a small kitchen where people make themselves breakfast and pack themselves lunches (if I don’t get around to them the night before). Everything else revolves around my work in the kitchen but usually I knit in between batches/loaf-risings/laundry loads. And my favorite things to knit are socks. These are my last few finished objects.

Socks knit up fairly quickly, especially thick socks, like these. Blue Moon Fiber Arts’ (BMFA) heavyweight Socks That Rock (machine washable merino wool) is my current favorite, but I’m about to knit through Nancy Bush’s ‘Knitting Vintage Socks’, which will involve much finer work. The first pattern I shall knit is simple and I’ll use BMFA’s cotton blend ‘Sock Candy’.

These socks are also a superwash merino, but not from BMFA. I knitted them for my mother; thick heel, plain ribbing, and a wide toe. She is fond of them but does not like to wear thick socks with her shoes (mostly very tight-fitting and professional). And I thought I ordered another skein of orange, but it turned out to be hot pink. That is why the colors change. No, I don’t want to talk about it.

And my most recent conquests! Usually I knit on 1.25 mm needles (US size 1) but these I had to work on size 0s to keep the gauge. They are also my first pair of toe-up socks: I usually knit socks from the cuff down and finish by sewing up the toe with a magic invisible stitch. By knitting this I’ve discovered that I really like the top-down style. And not the toe-up style. The toe-up style caused me much frustration and called down a lot of brimstone and hellfire. But the socks are beautiful and I get lots of compliments on them.

I shall try to post pictures as I finish projects, but my life has mostly gravitated away from my computer these days; my days go quickly and leave me tired. I think, though, that whatever it was in me that was so exhausted in California and Italy and Ireland is now growing back a little. Perhaps I need/ed the time alone. Anyway, knitting helps.

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