Wednesday, July 22

I just watched 'Reclaiming The Blade' for the first time.

Dishes done and porridge on the stove. It has been an air-conditioned day of celebration and general enjoyment in the social sphere (including the ubiquitous American mall) and I am now home. There is always a lot to do here, and I am content with it even though it sometimes feels overwhelming.

My sister and I watched ‘Reclaiming The Blade’ tonight, which we won in a give-away on Twitter, and I bit off all my fingernails watching people spar. I must recommend it to you, if you’ve access to it! I’m surprised at the community of people who are interested in swords and who use them, who make them and revere them. It is somehow comforting. I’m not at all the type to want to be a shieldmaiden or roguish fighter; I’m the type to be content to make banners and cook food and prepare places and hearts to come back to. And yet I feel a keen interest in swords! Curiouser and curiouser.

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