Tuesday, July 21

The Homemaker at Midnight, or 0300. Whatever.

So today was a bit of a lazy day, but I still made my Monday evening worth the breath: the dishes are done, there is porridge on the stove for breakfast tomorrow; I made syrup (a simple syrup we use for lots of things, but mainly in iced tea and coffee drinks in the summer), and have also put a batch of yoghurt in the warmer (in preparation for making an Indian sweet cheese for dinner on Friday). All this while juggling laundry loads and keeping an eye on the back door for errant felines (a chipmunk, two bunnies, and an assortment of rather sordidly unidentifiable furry creatures have been praised as a result of my dragons' nocturnal forays). I know that is a bit of a parenthetical overload but indulge me.

For my birthday I used a gift certificate to buy some bone knitting needles and am getting ready to use them for an as yet undecided project soon. With them I bought a bone lucet which I am not quite sure how to use. I believe it is for finer work than I normally do but am determined to learn. I am sure I can manage a half-hour of work on my latest pair of knitted socks before I am absolutely exhausted. Tomorrow I'll wake up nearer 11 than 10 (which is a barely decent amount of sleep if one goes to bed at 0400), just in time to do a few things before dinner.

Did you know brass cleaner contains ammonia but that most silver cleaners don't? Some people don't know that. Like me, before today.

And for some reason I have little social life...


Bob said...

While few can stand to have absolutely no social life, having little (as long as one is content) is nothing about which to fret.

miss rika said...

I wish more people thought as you do. I get all sorts of flack about it but I never can get any work done when the place is busy during the day.

One begins to understand the practicality of the Proverbial wife, who gets up before dawn to make clothes and food for her household.