Thursday, July 23

A conspiracy of snickerdoodles.

I am still within the first five months of being back in the United States of America after a long absence and find the ease of communication (I love the English language) refreshing, yet once I move beyond that in conversation I find little to which I feel kinship. I must have left some part of my mind behind. There are skills required to communicate in this culture which I have not retained. Instead I have replaced them with . . . something. I have a lot of memories, have stored them up for my adventures’ winter.

There is on my kitchen table a Pokémon card in an Italian edition. I believe a young visitor to our house left it by accident and it may take some doing before I find to whom it belongs. I was waiting for the loaves of bread I baked this evening (buttermilk & honey with course oatmeal for crunch). It struck me that, beyond being a forgotten toy, it seemed the remnant of some destroyed civilization. One day a time traveler will frame it and take pride in its pretty runes (which look to me like Lucida Grand). Everything around it in my mind is so very far away from my present life.

Wednesday, July 22

I just watched 'Reclaiming The Blade' for the first time.

Dishes done and porridge on the stove. It has been an air-conditioned day of celebration and general enjoyment in the social sphere (including the ubiquitous American mall) and I am now home. There is always a lot to do here, and I am content with it even though it sometimes feels overwhelming.

My sister and I watched ‘Reclaiming The Blade’ tonight, which we won in a give-away on Twitter, and I bit off all my fingernails watching people spar. I must recommend it to you, if you’ve access to it! I’m surprised at the community of people who are interested in swords and who use them, who make them and revere them. It is somehow comforting. I’m not at all the type to want to be a shieldmaiden or roguish fighter; I’m the type to be content to make banners and cook food and prepare places and hearts to come back to. And yet I feel a keen interest in swords! Curiouser and curiouser.

Tuesday, July 21

The Homemaker at Midnight, or 0300. Whatever.

So today was a bit of a lazy day, but I still made my Monday evening worth the breath: the dishes are done, there is porridge on the stove for breakfast tomorrow; I made syrup (a simple syrup we use for lots of things, but mainly in iced tea and coffee drinks in the summer), and have also put a batch of yoghurt in the warmer (in preparation for making an Indian sweet cheese for dinner on Friday). All this while juggling laundry loads and keeping an eye on the back door for errant felines (a chipmunk, two bunnies, and an assortment of rather sordidly unidentifiable furry creatures have been praised as a result of my dragons' nocturnal forays). I know that is a bit of a parenthetical overload but indulge me.

For my birthday I used a gift certificate to buy some bone knitting needles and am getting ready to use them for an as yet undecided project soon. With them I bought a bone lucet which I am not quite sure how to use. I believe it is for finer work than I normally do but am determined to learn. I am sure I can manage a half-hour of work on my latest pair of knitted socks before I am absolutely exhausted. Tomorrow I'll wake up nearer 11 than 10 (which is a barely decent amount of sleep if one goes to bed at 0400), just in time to do a few things before dinner.

Did you know brass cleaner contains ammonia but that most silver cleaners don't? Some people don't know that. Like me, before today.

And for some reason I have little social life...

Saturday, July 11

Two Good Things About Wisconsin

1. Penzey’s Spices

This is a company that sells the best quality fresh spices and dried herbs as well as soup bases and basic tools for grinding spices, as well as keeping up a recipe book and magazine whatsit; I am most interested in the soup bases and unmixed spices.

2. Civil War Re-enactors’ Merchants

William Booth sells knitting needles and sewing accoutrements of which I am enamored. A beautiful doom and a gift certificate for my birthday later, I now anticipate a package at my door . Soon.

(Sorry I haven't been around. I know your lives have been poorer in my absence. Compy just now fixed and slew of guests arriving soon.)