Friday, March 20

In Other News

Aside from my current interest in Morrissey, my life has continued on in its usual aimlessness. I have finished Travel in the Middle Ages and my third reading of the Aeneid (Dryden's translation this time), and am now on to Bischoff's Latin Palaeography and the Longfellow translation of Dante's Divina Commedia.

[The Friendship Arch in D.C.'s "Chinatown", which is like every other part of downtown except for the subtitles.]

If we don't get the things from our house soon I will be relegated to Kathleen Norris and Graham Greene . . . who'd've ever thought? I met one of Norris' great nieces (who also happens to be one of the best literature teachers I've ever had the privilege of hearing) and found out that my great grandmother used to read those decidedly innocent but swoony romances. Someone somewhere (have the feeling it was a male friend who was attempting to wean me from my medieval literature obsession) once recommended Greene to me and I found The Power and the Glory in a used book pile.

[View from the top of the Old Post Office. I liked the bells, best.]

And I now have a public library card, several job applications to hand in and have already begun a few volunteer-type things. Good to see some of my talents put to use, though. Stupid economy.


These are some pictures from the Sunday before St. Paddy's Day--the Americans seem to celebrate all week and with less getting drunk and more turning things green. I really miss good dark beers, and good whiskies. Am having trouble finding any place I'd actually like to get a drink (not get drunk! but a nice pint with friends now and then is nice)--is there something in America against a comfortable, clean atmosphere that does not feel sleazy and greasy? And--seriously, folks--Jack Daniels in the only whisky available?

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Boris Johnson, the new(ish) Mayor of London, took away half the St Patrick's Day budget and is using it for St. George's Day celebrations.
About time !