Friday, February 27

Personal reflections on the writer's imagination, and also pictures of knitting and cats. You have been warned.

My mother says that people like me build inside themselves a secret world which only they and precious few visitors can enter. The landscapes are detailed and complex, and peopled by imagination and memory (the former being the more prominent by far, according to her). I expect analysts would find a use for it as some kind of mental escape. Figures.

[Clearly, Elanor does not think highly of their opinions. They are, after all, the product of mortal reasoning.]

I have always thought of my world inside and the world outside as having distinct differences not of reality and fancy but more along the lines of faith and imagination, or truth and fact. I'm really not sure why analysts pry, anyway. The world outside has enough problems. It is like an earthly cleric trying to solve faery politics: unproductive, and usually ends with the cleric as a rather bewildered amphibian.

And here's the most recent pair of socks I'm knitting. These are on smaller needles than the last and so are taking a little more time--not much, tho! With any luck I'll be able to wear them on the big transatlantic flight. When I take off my shoes to walk thru security lines people will faint in jealousy, I know it.


Geoff said...

Not sure of what i want to say. I just sometimes like to pop in, and say i read what you wrote. However, I am a fan of the pic with the cat. And the one with the knitting....I do hope you a wonderful last day in Italy. We had lots of great memories over there. Atleast I did. And i hope to have more with you and the family. Love you, Your friend, Geeoff

Anna Mentzer said...

I like your brains and I like your socks. Hurry up and get over here and get an iPhone. :D

miss rika said...

Hi, Geoff:) Thanks! Let us know if you come through D.C. or anywhere nearby, it would be neat to see you again.

Anna, thanks:) AND I HAVE AN IPHONE.