Sunday, November 23

Saturday morning dawns on the effects of an international shopping binge.

Germany and England have afforded me some lovely purchases. And by "lovely" I mean "useful". So be warned! If you are not a homemaker or a medievalist-wannabe, some of the following pictures may be very domestic and possibly very nerdy.

England first. I bought myself a book at the British Library (or a few books, but I'm not telling), which was a bit hectic but is one of my favourite places, . . . and some extremely soft alpaca sock yarn for myself--and a bunch of Christmas presents for some who shall remain nameless--at a lovely shop called Loop (in which there was a guy with an AWESOME hat of handspun something and stripey socks who is my hero). I know that was an extremely awkward sentence but I am not changing it.

The following picture is of my Saturday morning. The walnuts are from our town; they were in season and so (like the plums of August) we have a seemingly endless supply of them. Not that I mind, of course, but it is more tedious to shell nuts than look at gorgeous picture-recipes for plum cakes. And plus! They look awesome in the wooden bowl, though you can't really see it very well in the pic. They actually have a stronger nutty taste than the bags we get at large supermarkets.

The cookies are cranberry-oatmeal-brown-sugar, and not very sweet (a favourite of my mother). The small brown package is millet, which is something I've never baked with before. Spelt flour, on the other hand, is AWESOME! It makes perfect toast . . . I feel like an alchemist who found the philosopher's stone in a garden shop. I have added another picture so you can see the name of the stuff in German, which is infinitely more awesome than "spelt".

And here is Mambrino, who helped my mother make waffle batter today. IT WAS DELICIOUS. And my mother was very impressed with one of my favourite anthropomorphised kitchen tools.

Down there is my latest knitting project: these are some black socks for my dad. Or, they will be. Currently I have improved them about an inch per sock since this picture. There's no way I can finish them before Christmas but I will show the halves of them off and gesture excitedly about them. The yarn is from Germany, where I went yarn-shopping with a German friend of mine who took me to her local shop (lovely, but I do look forward to American and British yarn shops when I get the chance).

This next picture proves that it is now fall, and a Saturday in fall, and also that my sister is awesome (she is in the background and in the foreground there are two cafe' lattes).

Here is the last, which is a picture of my cat. She loves fall, because she is always just a little too cold for comfort and often finds it absolutely necessary to curl up on my lap and interrupt anything important I happen to be working on. I am very happy with this situation, though. Warm, cuddly cats and never-ending cups of tea are hallmarks of autumn.