Monday, September 1

The Inaugural Rising of the Loaf in a New Bowl.

This is my new bowl. The family is tied between naming it Mambrino (after Don Quixote's fabulous helmet) and Garibaldi (the famous Italian general). I am in favour of Mambrino.

The bread (currently presiding over the oven's inner chambers with pomp and propriety) is made with yoghurt, honey, almond flour, and a 12-grain mix (spelt, barley, wheat, oat, &c.) along with the usual staples.

I was worried at first that the rising dough would stick to the sides of the wooden bowl as I normally use quite machine-made plastic and metal bowls which have very smooth sides, but it lifted out just as easily and the dough was actually more moist than I expected it to be with only a damp towel placed over it--a good thing, since my cookbooks warn me of using anything other than plastic bowls and plastic wrap.

Lovely lovely lovely. How prettily it rose. This is near the end of the rise.

And through another rise in the pan, and after baking, we have the finished product! As soon as people get hungry I will know how it tastes. Hopefully Mambrino had a good effect on it.


Beth said...

Mmm... that looks delicious. I like Mambrino too; it's a lovely bowl.

Gerti said...

That bread and I had breakfast this morning, and I can tell you that it was a great meal. We really got along. . . it was like we were meant to be together!


Holly said...

I would also vote for Mambrino, if I had voting privileges in such matters. The bread looks delicious. I like baked goods that have yogurt in them.

Thanks for your kind comment. Already our challenging day seems not nearly so bad as it felt at the time...and the cookies are all gone!

Robin Wood said...

Hi Rika,
Great to see the bowl went to such a good home and that certainly looks lovely bread. Do you know Elizabeth David's "English Bread and Yeast Cookery" if you don't have it already I think you would like it.

miss rika said...

Beth & Holly: his name is officially Mambrino! I'm delighted to say that he is integrating well with his culinary colleagues. Beth--you might like to know that I just tried puff pastry and the result was not a complete failure! I'm eager to try it again.

Gert: I'm making you a chocolate cake when you get home. No, don't argue with me. This is an important rite of passage, along with the DRIVER'S LICENSE. And sock needles. Did I tell you I am excited about them?

Robin: Thanks! Mambrino is the perfect size and shape for my needs; and somehow it is more comfortable to use. If I believed in karma that probably what I'd call it. I have not read this book but I do have a lot of respect for Elizabeth David; thanks for the recommendation!