Monday, August 11

Character-driven pulp fiction!? SHANE BLACK WHAT HAVE YOU DONE.

This clip is an interview from a film I've been enjoying recently. Robert Downey Jr. is extremely bored and Val Kilmer a calming influence, and the two balance each other very nicely. Odd to find someone who could temper RDJr. and make Val laugh--I say this having procrastinated a great deal over the past week. Interesting dynamic, funny interview.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
is hilarious and awesome, especially for people who love books and films about books and films about people who read too much. The genre is usually known as detective fiction. Pulp fiction. Way too much fun. For people who laugh out loud whilst reading; slightly vulgar but good-hearted in the end. Go buy the film and say nice things about Shane Black.


Jenny said...

Hey! Just so you know! Abe and I rented this movie cause I saw your earlier post about it and was intrigued! ;) We liked it a lot! :D

miss rika said...

YAY!! This makes me happy, and confirms my suspicions about our mutual good taste.