Monday, July 21

Morning of luxury: a cappuccino, home-made banana bread (with chocolate chips!) and a new book.

Contrary to the tone of my recent entries, I do not spend all my time on the internet . . . this morning my cat was disturbed from her morning nap (usually sprawled on my lap with her furry little tummy exposed to the sky) by a courier ringing the doorbell.

Now, my skill in Italian is much stronger in understanding than speaking, but this man could have been in films: I believe his cigarette may have been stapled to his lips and I believe he only exhales smoke. For some reason he found it necessary to breathe this foul smoke into my face as he mumbled to ask for a pen and some scissors . . . having conquered the dragon with pen and blade, I retrieved my treasure with eyes watering and lungs contracting and retreated to the kitchen table.

Thank heavens my cat is the sympathetic type and has already given her approval of the book by attempting to straighten her whiskers and sharpen her teeth on the corners. I suppose I shall have to get work done some time today. Just not in the next hour, though.


Beth said...

That sounds absolutely heavenly!

Anonymous said...
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