Wednesday, July 2

The Jane Austen Book Club & Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

I am highly disturbed by TJABC. Men talk about Austen, read her novels to their significant others, and proclaim her the best of writers and insightful. While I enjoy the banter about the books--I really do, even when I disagree with it--I really think the characterisation here is really off-kilter. The women seem to have their own personalities, but not the men. Very confusing.

KKBB was hilarious. Irreverent, violent, and sometimes gross, but an excellent comedy and worth every second. I hate to admit that Val Kilmer is funny, but he is, and I liked him in this flick. And Robert Downey Jr. is very much the character and excellent as usual.

My brain has been occupied by small lemmings that have persuaded me to read only cookbooks and things not my textbooks. My first facsimile arrived by post and I am so excited about it! It is lovely, really it is. I have already displayed the manuscript copy to just about everyone. In the world. Sort of. The lemmings are asleep, now, though, so I must get some school work done while the night is cool.


Bob said...

I think Val Kilmer is a decent actor who's been (somewhat) unfairly given a bad rep because some of the movies he's chosen have been real stinkers.

miss rika said...

I think he has way too much fun during the process and overlooks the finished product. "The Saint", for example . . . Some of his films are not all that fun to watch because of the story but because of the actors, anyway. Thankfully, KKBB is great on both points.