Wednesday, July 23

I still think 'Gosford Park' is one of the best films of all time.

There's a point in the film where--shock-of-all-horrors!--a very short and unhappy man is hiding in a large pantry near the below-stairs kitchen, eating jam out of a jar with a silver spoon. A maid arrives with some menial activity, is startled by the presence of the man sitting and eating jam in the dark, alone. He assures her he will be gone soon and please, not to be disturbed on his account. And then he proceeds to monologue.

"Why is it, would you say, that some people seem to get whatever they want in life? Everything they touch turns to gold. Whereas others can strive and strive... and have nothing. I wonder, do you believe in luck? Do you think some men are lucky and... some men just aren't and... nothing they can do about it?"

Naturally, she has something brilliant to say. After the second jar of jam. Having just canned two batches of jam I am disgusted. Thoroughly disgusted. First excessive jam consumption and then fatalism. What is next.

"I believe in love. Not just getting it. Giving it. I think as long as you can love somebody, whether or not they love you, then it's worth it."

I MUST BRING TOLKIEN IN HERE. You understand, I am sure. He would approve of this quotation, I think; he would probably say it was something like the early Christians in Anglo-Saxon England--to have done the noble thing was enough; a reward would detract from the nobility.

There's something to it, anyway. It was a good sentiment. And besides, he should not have eaten that much jam.


moody said...

Can I just say that I love this entry? I was searching for this quote, one of my favorite moments of one of my favorite films, to share with a friend and I stumbled on your blog. Brilliant.

miss rika said...

Thanks, moody:) I was rather upset at not finding the quote anywhere else on the internet (not reliably, anyway; they were all summaries)--and this has happened with other bits and pieces as well--so I've begun to use this blog as a sort of catch-all, a commonplace blog. Glad it could be of use! Excellent film.