Thursday, June 5

Most people think missing this city is completely daft.

But for some reason I am very fond of it. It holds many bookish memories for me, pleasant ones of solitude and sometimes of company. Lots about learning, but I never felt I learned enough. Which is why a PhD is in order, I suppose.


Rima said...

Hello Rika.. I just found your comment on my blog from a while back... thanks so much for your kind words, and glad to hear you feel akin to my work :) Yes ofcourse DO link to me with my "The Fish Who Pulled The House" drawing... Thank you :)
I'll put you in my link list too...
Pleased to meet you :)
Bests from Scotland
Rima (only one letter different from you name!!)

miss rika said...

Thank you! The pleasure is all mine:)