Wednesday, May 28

This was me yesterday.

Well, not precisely. It is Mary right before Gabriel came to visit her with News, but it certainly looks like a very sleepy girl catching a few winks over a book that is quite interesting . . . but not interesting enough.

I like the concept of the book of hours; a timekeeping system by way of a connection to eternity. Since the beginning of the year, I have tried to pray in the morning and in the evening. As a result I am less worried, I sleep better, and somehow I have a sense of being a part of something bigger than myself. I suppose I have always felt generally better as a result of keeping a routine, but whether the praying has had an effect on my feelings or my feelings grew out of the natural order of prayer in the morning is a chicken-and-egg situation.
"Benedicamus Domino" / "We bless the Lord"
[Images courtesy of the British Library, Yates Thomson 13, f. 59v]



I personally feel better when I STOP clinging on to that old routine.

I feel much more alive when I get out of my comfort zone.

miss rika said...

I don't do well in routine for too long, but often my brain is on adventures while my body is stuck on the ground so it is difficult to please both. Usually my brain is the better choice since it does not have allergies . . .

A "comfort zone" is an interesting concept, and it doesn't usually apply to God, in my experience. Mediation by literacy or ritual is all very well and good, but he is not a tame lion, if you know what I mean:)