Thursday, May 22

Richard Hawley is my hero.



It's Ok. Bit soppy. Have you looked at his entry on Wiki ?
Do you think it's his Mum & Dad in the vid ?
For a real hero how about Morrissey ?

miss rika said...

It is a bit cloying the second time around, but I happen to be having a colossally rotten day, so old people being happy and singing love songs is a nice balancing force. That, and muffins. Muffins help a lot.

I dunno. I don't think so (re: his parents). I love Hawley for his depressing stuff, too, but I can't find any music videos of my favourites.

I love Morrissey . . . until I listen to his lyrics. Most of the time, anyway; if you listen to have the stuff he's done on his own, it is simply a very elegant whining selfish complaint--a very beautifully wrapped kick in the face. I can't help but listen when he comes on, tho. Who could NOT like Morrissey? That's what I want to know.