Thursday, May 29

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"A given text reduces the infinite or indefinite possibilities of a system to make up a closed universe. Finnegans Wake is certainly open to many interpretations, but it is sure that it will never provide you the demonstration of Fermat's theorem, or the complete bibliography of Woody Allen. This seems trivial, but the radical mistake of irresponsible deconstructionists was to believe that you can do everything you want with a text."
from Umberto Eco's speech From Internet to Gutenberg

Irresponsible deconstructionists!! THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE. As an English major and a victim of many psychoanalytic "critiques" of bad American lit., I say aMEN to that.



An infinite number of monkeys sitting in front of an infinite number of typewriters . . . . !

I did have a go at Finnegans Wake once - "riverrun past Eve's and Adam's" springs to mind. Are we condemned to repeat the cycle forever?

miss rika said...

My sister says "half of Finnegan's Wake is just the syphilis talking", which I find hilarious and probably true. Knowing 5 languages fluently, being Irish, and having syphilis will probably make you speak eloquently a very passionate nonsense . . . which, by the way, describes a lot of Joyce. Not that I am utterly against him: I think Dubliners a masterpiece beyond what people think of it.

Cycles are curious things.