Tuesday, March 25

“You look very pretty tonight.”

Like most men I know, my father is not the most attentive to appearances. I consider this a good thing since I’m not so big on appearances, myself, but his affection then manifests itself in odd ways, such as telling me I look pretty when I am standing in front of a tray of warm molasses cookies whose recipe I have yet to divulge to its adoring fans.

(My costume on this occasion is a ratty sweater that more than one member of my family has hinted that I ought not to wear, raggedy jeans, and socks that say “boys are smelly” on them in neon blue print--I wear no make-up and my hair is only just brushed and stuck up with pins into a tangle on the back of my head. And I’d been cooking all day so I’m smeared with flour, dough, bits of onion, &c.)

“The cookies;” I want to say, “it is the cookies that are very pretty tonight.”

I suppose that by association I, too, might be marvellous in the sight of men and angels (these are some pretty awesome cookies), just as I was popular by association with my sister in high school and heretical by poking holes in the logic of a visiting preacher way back in the white-picket-fence-church days.

This tends to happen when tired people see me holding out food to them. I have no objection. The habit of arguing semantics is hard to let go of, though. Le sigh.


Bob said...

I disagree. Perhaps not with specificity, (we have, after all, not met, but then I have no reason to think I shouldn't disagree with specificity either) but generally. I find my wife to be most attractive at times when I am clearly being influenced by things other than her strict appearance. I know others would not find her attractive at all the same moments I do, but then others do not know her as I do. Beauty does, in an odd way, fulfil the cliché and come from within quite often. People are rarely so good-looking as when they are being virtuous and altruistic, I find.

Your father is on to something.

Geoff said...

I know what u mean. A woman who cooks and bakes well is an attractive quality, but don't worry, you have other qualities too. You have the sort of personality which makes one wonder...:) A good thing.



You know what they say - "The way to a mans heart is through his stomach." It's true.

miss rika said...

Bob, I appreciate the objective stance you've taken:D And I agree with you on the "good vs. good looks" thing; it frustrated me to no end to find myself explaining this to some friends of mine who are both older and in long-term relationships. Very confusing.

I suppose it is that I associate beauty with appearances too much; true beauty seems to be a variety of admirable qualities in one person rather than a symmetry of proportionate shapes.

miss rika said...

geoff, I don't worry, but thank you for saying something:) A personality that makes you wonder what!?!? Just because I'm not crazy over David Bowie doesn't make me a complete nutter . . . :P


miss rika said...

Treewright, I tend to think this is true on most counts:) Fortunately for both parties, I enjoy cooking. My father was actually the one who bought my wooden bowls and spoon from Robin--proof!

I'm really enjoying the wooden things I have to cook with--do you use your products for cooking or eating?


Oh yes, we have any amount of spurtles, spoons, spatulas, bowls etc. Only thing we don't have of mine is a rolling pin . . my wife refuses to retire her old one which belonged to her Granny - but - it does make really great pastry!