Saturday, March 8

More lively, not longer life. That is what 'eternal' means.

I bought three new songs on iTunes and feel very smug about it: they are labelled under Shira Kammen’s album Almanac but they are sung by John Fleagle, who only put out one album before he died. His name does not appear in connection to Kammen’s album, though from having read a little about them I know they respected each other.

My inhaler is making my heartbeat go all funky, but I haven’t really been trying to calm myself down like I usually do; I have a very weekendsical desire to watch suspenseful films today and do to little work.

And I’ve been having a bit of trouble about philosophical dualism. I don’t see how love fits into that system; it seems to trump logic. I don’t want to research any more about it, though--I know what I believe and I grow frustrated with the many instances of lazy despair. In fact, I grow bored with them. Is that so awful? Don’t worry, I am still thinking.

Anyway, love and death. Life’s a mess.



Have you read "The Storytellers Daughter" by Saira Shah. I'm normally a text-book or Pratchett kind of reader but this does appeal.

Where do you paste in the HTML code for the hit counter? All that stuff terrifies me . .


The Tiffany Aching stories are very good - Wintersmith and The Wee Free Men quite poetic. Some of his stuff is fairly slapstick but at least you get a laugh! Witches Abroad is good - I really like Nanny Ogg & Granny Weatherwax. Rincewind the failed wizard is a bit of a hero of mine and I can identify with him.


Thanks for the stuff about HTML. I'll try and get my head round it sometime