Thursday, June 14

Essay-writing highs.

I am at 1000 words in four hours and feeling a bit suspiciously confident. This is scary. I can basically trace some of my surefire flaws (the ones I always have to edit later rather than in progress). I know where my conclusion is headed.

Dude. This is the weirdest feeling. And I know LOTR so well that finding references is not hard . . . and the weird bits that don't quite make sense for the plot when you read it the first time through are actually so very well placed . . . you'd never guess until you need to think about how it all works. I still cannot believe how very tight and compact that book is.

Tolkien was such an incredible genius.

Yes, I am pulling an all-nighter. I have a meeting with my supervisor tomorrow. She says she wants to edit my paper for conciseness because there's a bunch of students having that problem right now (very valid with me, I know) but also I hope she will be excited about the thoughts in the essay as she considers Tolkien just as much candy as I do.

If I can stay awake. Tomorrow afternoon I am coming home to SLEEP.

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Geoff said...

Good luck Ms. Riqa :)

I believe in you and that you're fast fingers and creative brain will create the ultimate essay. Love, Gee-off