Thursday, February 15

Mulus gemit.

Allora. I have been studying everything in the world and sitting at a corporately plastic cafe only to come home to find out a little bit of why I have been put in this building. Amazing, yes? I love it when I can see that I have been put in a place for a Purpose.

So will my leek & potato soup leftovers here in a minute . . . I bought a cheese scone from Avoca (YUM!) and will be very fancy and snaffle an apple with cinnamon and vanilla cream for dessert. I am so easily pleased.

Also I am pleased by getting to study something in not Latin but Middle English! How lufliche! Gawain rocks. The Green Knight is awesome. Morgan looks like a sweet little grandma compared to the goth-emo drama queen Dido. Bless their little hearts.

Without further ado: another iTunes mix.

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