Thursday, February 22

And the world spins madly on.

Got work done today. Got good sleep last night. Still not used to being so alone, though I am liking it a bit more as I have begun to organise my day more into fits and spurts of activity so that it seems like I am always working and yet always taking breaks. Fascinating logic, I'm sure.

Last night, the Curly-Haired Liber-al one asked me about murals on the walls of churches for a footnote he was trying to add to something . . . especially in Italy . . . which was a bad idea, since I talked about Italy. At the end of the descriptions of the churches in my town and the bits downtown that he should also take his girlfriend to when (not if!, I insisted) they visit (Napoli and Venice, of course), he gave me a funny look. It was probably the longest couple of sentences I've ever said to him--I usually sit back and laugh at people when we are all together as a group. Guess he just asked the wrong/right question.

"Why the $%^ are you in Ireland!?" He asked. I did not sigh and say crankily or melodramatically explain that the answer to his question is complicated; I was very proud of myself.

I bought a jar of pesto, and did you know pesto expires? Being the thrifty person I am, everything I ate has had pesto in it for the last week. It's good pesto, but . . . well, that's a lot of pesto.

I end my day today unhugged, and feeling very much as if I do not and will never belong anywhere. I'm not sure that is a bad thing, but it is not nice right now. I miss my sisters telling me they love me; somehow it makes life a bit more worth living when people give you hugs on their way up the stairs.

Plus, I wouldn't have to eat all that pesto all by myself if my sisters were here. They like pesto:)

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