Tuesday, January 30

"So, your sister tells me you secretly want to be Irish."

This was a 'conversation-starter' proffered by a tourist friend-of-a-friend, noticing that my conversational skills were somewhat challenged by long day of research. I blushed and was speechless and had no trouble thinking of nasty things to say to him. Luckily the said sister, who would never have said anything of the sort, was also touched by his ignorance and steered the conversation away gracefully.

Anyone who has ever been an expatriate knows that the silliest thing you can do is to think you belong in a place.

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Caddy said...

I absolutely totally agree with your last sentence, and Miquele would agree too. We had a very long conversation about that very same topic over a beer in Munich with the infamous Ramon and his loovely girlfriend. We don't belong anywhere, and perhaps we don't want to.