Saturday, January 27

Looseleaf chai & talkin' bout Luv. Courtly Luv.

C.S. Lewis and I have had our good and bad days, but when I want a good introduction to something I will certainly go to him for wit and references--The Allegory of Love and Mere Christianity, as well as The Chronicles of Narnia. Et cetera.

And I like what he has to say about love. Sandi, dear, if you read this you would appreciate the first chapter (at least--I've only read that far) as you have thought long and have experience with love in the ways he talks about it. It really does make sense, though--the ideas of conjugal love as something over full of erotic and emotional passion aren't common to any century.

And I am going to make vegetable soup and listen to the songs my Teh Gort has given me, for she rocks and is awesome.

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