Saturday, November 25

On food, since I've already blogged several times about food at the Antipodes.

I wonder if it is safe to like grocery shopping. There are many interesting faces, places, smells, and tastes to be experienced that it is quite an adventure to go out on a Saturday.

I don't like the flaccidly vague fish smells or the cloying rotting veggie smells or the dull nauseous raw meat smells, but I can certainly handle that mix of fresh fruit and veggibles and warm breads and hot crepes and grilling sausages and drifting wood-smoke and somewhere in there, the odd smell of the sea.

And then coming home, I get to cook for myself for the week; this week is carrot soup (2 meals), leek & potato soup (2 meals), veggie broth for cooking more soups and veggies (bunch of miscellaneous bottles), half of a butternut squash leftover from tonight's dinner, a bag of baby spinach (with garlic and onion and pepper, oh my!) and bag of runner beans (must find tasty recipe for this) that someone was throwing away.

It is a lovely thing to be able to organise such tastiness (is it safe to take such pleasure in order?). For the soups, I will stir in some cream after I've heated them up in my Greatest Pot In The World. I will probably find a scone or a piece of brown bread or something for them.

And sometime in the beginning of the week I will be having a gigantic omelette with brown mushrooms and cherry tomatoes and really good sharp cheddar cheese (someone was throwing out eggs and their expiration date is still three days away) for which I will attempt to frighten some poor hungry people to eat with me since there will be too much food and eggs reheated are generally icky.

It is a pain to just cook for myself, tho. And it is much more fun to cook for other people as well. I miss home, that way. I've offered to cook for people a couple of times, but most people seem to think it more of a chore than a therapy and don't really want the guilt of making me happy. IF ANYBODY FROM FACEBOOK IS READING THIS YOU CAN JUST LET ME KNOW AND WE WILL ARRANGE SOMETHING.

Tomorrow I must make banana muffins with chocolate chips and nuts in them. Or something with overripe bananas in it. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day, though. And I get to wear my Christmas present!

I feel so very feminine right now, all talking about cooking and warm clothes and grocery shopping. Perhaps I should go read some Kate Chopin or Emily Dickinson to shake myself out of it.

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