Sunday, October 8

Very much missing my scarves. And my velvet scarf.

Done with half of Augustine's Confessions. Appalled by the beginning of the second book of T.H. White's The Once and Future King.

Have a strong urge to read more of the older type of literature. Gawain, and so forth. I feel less overwhelmed and more over-extended. I think I may need a nap.


Harbin said...

Allrighty you. I have a test to take this morning, but after that I'm coming back and giving this blog a reading it won't soon forget! Cheers and I agree, T.H. is t.h.e. man.
-HQPC etc

Harbin said...

My 'zam was on Arabic. One day I hope to be a pan-continental polyglot save for the south pole, because those snooty penguins can stuff it, in my horcrukular opinion.-Speaking of which, have we gabbed about HP6? I thought Jo's response to Rushdie at RCMH particularly telling.- 2yrs pre-present in blogreading currently; I'll have to check out this Gaudy Night you keep going on about. Fun catching up. @:-) -HQPCETC

miss rika said...

Oh, and no we haven't discussed HP6--and yes, that was quite telling . . . which supports my longtime insistence that Snape is good, of course.