Wednesday, September 27

Update on diplomatic relations with Bookholm.

In other news, I have finished Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell and I strongly suggest you all read it. I loved it. In fact, I still love it. It fits in perfectly with real ideas and real things and is quite plausible, maybe even congruent with the generally more reliable sources of information about the wide world.

The Once and Future King, by T.H. White, was given me by my sister before I left. It is odd how cross-over fiction can be a definite article of sororital affection; the book is not only Arthurian but is also a central point in the X-men. Well, maybe not central, but still important. Very nicely done gift. It continues to make me giggle while keeping me still engrossed because I have a fairly good idea of how things were going on and what sort of clothes they wore, etc., all of which details are candy to my imagination (an imagination that likes to be generally realistic, or at least conceptually accurate).

I'm still reading The Vision of Piers Plowman and have only gotten up to the IXth "passus" or "step". It remains very confusing and ridiculously dated, but still very colorful and full of interesting descriptions of little episodes. I read some of it aloud to the laundrette last night and I daresay my pronunciation is improving at least a little.

Ovid's Metamorphoses and St. Augustine's Confessions are on my reading list for the term, so my mum kindly bought me paperbacks of them from a lovely store called Hodges & Figgis. As soon as I have a break from Piers (11 more chapters to go!) I'll start on them, probably Augustine first.

On-and-off reading is Chaucer's Knyghtes Tale, which I also have an audio.

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