Monday, September 18

Moving boxes: 5.5!

Doing better. Have packed almost all the books I intend to take with me, as well as stuff to treat myself when I get there, my favorite writing pads and pens, and the half-a-box is still my biggest box, the one with my clothes in it. I may have to have two with clothes in them . . . hope not . . . we'll see . . . for I will cram things into boxes with great aplomb!

Also I wish I had the presence of mind to go get LOST Season 1 dvds today but no. I forgot. Don't even have any new ANY episodes to watch. By the by, don't ever watch anything having to do with Grey's Anatomy or Desperate Housewives. I watched the "catching up" episodes from iTunes just to see what they are all about and all they are about is sex and conformist just-out-of-our-ordinary-goody-two-shoes-league drama. As far as I can tell. I still prefer LOST, which is about very exciting things that don't make sense.

Feels so strange to be leaving, actually leaving.

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