Saturday, July 22

"A Wizard of Earthsea" by Ursula Le Guin

As I was given this book, with a strong recommendation to read it as soon as possible, a friend walked by and expressed my sentiments:

"Well, her name WOULD be Ursula, with a title like that."

Yeah. But the book wasn't bad. It gives a good idea of what it is like to have been to an ancient port city, as well as the clearings in woods that let you see green hills below you . . . tries to portray what it is like to have a power and be able to use it for good or evil.

The narrative is very impersonal, lending itself to memorisation or to letting it be read aloud. Unfortunately, the characters are also very impersonal, and almost inhuman. They have some human feeling, surely, but there is no real connection between the characters in their humanity--I don't mean an emotional connection, I mean that they don't seem human. None of them sneeze.

I dunno, it just kind of drew me away from thinking they were human. Not antihero enough for me, maybe? Even Aragorn (LOTR) had some notion of what it was to be in the human indignity of human (and other) company . . . I don't know. Not a bad book, but definitely a class C book.

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