Tuesday, May 2

From a new character.

dear aunt jerry,

We're in Europe, now, and we're both doing fine. Logan teaches all day and so far I've stayed at the hotel reading in the cafe in the lobby, which is nice. That's where I am now. I promised to send Mom a postcard, you know?

I'm feeling better than I was at home, not so much with the nausea now but I still can't sleep right and I have awful headaches in the mornings. I stay in bed, mostly. Thank you for the Burt's Bees kit and the flowers, they are lovely. The foot creme is my favorite. Logan looks at me funny when I sit indian-style on the bed and smell my feet and when I wear the cotton socks to bed. The maids loved the flowers too but they think I'm pregnant or something. They don't speak English so it's kind of funny.

I wanted to go out for everybody's sakes, but there's nothing I want to see that I can see. There isn't much to do here, and anybody I talk to says not to go outside in this part of the city. I am not paying the taxi fares, though, they are terrible.

I think I want to find a place where I can find some cafes and sit, or maybe some parks. Maybe I'll take up smoking. Did Uncle John smoke?

Anyway, Logan should be getting off soon, and he'll bring back food. Probably Indian food, because the restaurants and room service are so expensive. Not that they'd be as good. I like the Indian food, and we can put our throw-away stuff on somebody else's room service tray when they're done (that was my idea).

Got to finish Mom's postcard. Can you still meet us in Paris? Thanks again for the gifts.



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