Monday, February 13

You will like this one; it has a vulgar joke in it.

The dinner-and-movie date had started out fine with a respectably expensive meal out on the pier, but the movie had turned out to be one word off from what she'd thought it was. Half-way through it there was a masochistic sex scene that filled the entire silver screen with six-foot slimy lips and shiny black leather.

Ellen was the first to stand up from her seat and move towards the aisle. She leaned over to her date in a cloud of perfume and nodded towards the screen.

"I didn't ask to be sucked into this. I'll wait for you outside." She had to repeat herself twice because Charlie had been sleeping. He woke up slowly and squinted at the screen, starting back from his chair in a moment of realization.

"Yeah, we'd probably better skip before it comes to blows."

"CHARLIE!" she hissed, and clip-clopped in high-heeled sandals out the door and into the fluorescence of the mall.

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Quill O'Sand said...

Naughty, naughty! lol