Wednesday, February 22

I'm in Dublin, Ireland:)

I've been to the Jameson whisky still yesterday and am going to Guinness today, have seen the Bibles in Chester Beatty (you have to pay for the internet there, now, and the lady at the counter said it hadn't been working in two monhts) and will go today to see the Book of Kells.

Dublin is cold, and people walk around in hoodies and jean jackets, oversized coats and scarves (that one brown/white/red/black pattern so common in Paris, Florence, Venice, and Naples is not to be seen), and lovely accents that are so awesome to listen to . . .

Have met up with the friends and we are all sleepy-eyed and ready to walk about the world quietly on cement and flagstones in the dark wind, and the days end early.

I'll shortly drag my friends to another tourist spot, where my new brother-in-law (oh it sounds weird to say that) proposed to my sis. Also, the bar where they had an on-the-spot engagement party. Ha ha.

Also, if anybody sees my mum, say hallo to her:)

p.s. tried to post this on mindsay but the browser on the compy I'm using doesn't support it.

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