Wednesday, January 25

Working with people named 'Hengist'.

She closed the door behind them and folded her arms at her waist. He thought she might be about to tell him off, to scold him. He cringed at the mental image of her nagging.

"Look," she said bluntly, "I can sense that we are having trouble working together. I don't know if it's something I've done or something you need to work through but we can't lead a group not acting in one accord."

For a moment he was speechless, and then he was relieved. Practical. Nice that she was practical. Made things a lot easier to deal with. He was afraid that he was supposed to have known what was going on. He decided to make it easy on both of them.

"Hengist is trying to play some sort of trick I don't understand, but he looked happy when you explained the treaty, so I got a bit suspicious. Sorry."

"Thanks. That helps. Any idea what he's trying to do?"

"Not a clue. He also saw you in the garden one day and asked if you'd been spoken for."

"How disgusting. Thanks for being protective of me, then."

"In part, perhaps."

She paused in an effort to be a little less disgusted with the entire situation. "It does mean a lot to me--and I know it does to my family--that you are kind to me, and treat me as if I have something to contribute." He blinked and shrugged silently.

He looked a little confused, or perhaps embarrassed, and so she tried to help. "I like to be useful."

"You are useful." He went to the door.

"What kind of a name is 'Hengist' anyway?"


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