Saturday, January 28

Updating my reading list again. Generally rambling.

Have finished S.O. Andrew's translation of Sir Gawain & the Green Knight and am moving to J. Garth's Tolkien and the Great War. The next addition to my list is Adomnan of Iona's Life of St. Columba, the introduction of which I have nearly finished already . . . and I'd say that's pretty good because it's one of those books that has an introduction that's about a third of the bulk of the book. So, there.

I'm never that great at drawing boundaries between what bits and pieces I read and what complete works, but I only record the complete works in my reading journal-thingy--if I were to record the bits and pieces we'd all be in trouble and you'd get at least a billion entries of chapters and paragraphs from Tolkien as well as articles, lectures, and poems that don't quite fit.

So Andrew's was a translation of a nameless poet (oh, that sounds so cool; "nameless poet"), Garth's was written about two or three years ago, and Adomnan wrote in the year 900 A.D. or thereabouts. I'd say I'm doing pretty well on the score of alternating new and old books, except that most of my new books are about old books. As far as I can tell, Shippey's The Road to Middle-Earth is up next, and it is fairly new. Then something else that is old (Malory? Gottfried? Dante? Chaucer?) and probably a Wilkie Collins novel, or maybe Victor Hugo; they don't quite classify as "old".

I didn't used to like old literature, but I decided one day (I think I had just turned 11) that one day I would find out why.

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