Friday, December 16

Pronouns. Don't play that game.

Oh, dears, I'm sorry I keep writing about a man talking with a woman. I just find it so hard to name characters and then put ridiculously individual characteristics on them that it is easier use pronouns. Plus it creates more tension without me putting it there (people seem to expect it between men and women, anyway, so it's fairly easy to take stereotypes for granted) and somehow people find it easier to believe that women have more than brainless conversation amongst ourselves. It is dashedly difficult to write, and rare to find that one may imitate it (the only really good example I've found is in Sayers' Wimsey book Gaudy Night, and that is set in Oxford).

Anyway, some of you will have been wondering why, and I knew I had to explain sometime. I do have a few guy characters that are their own selves but most of the time I just want an excuse to write dialogue. I have all sorts of interesting conversations with myself but can't quite put them all down.

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