Monday, December 12

Fiona must change her name.

I shall have to change Fiona's name, because it is a new one--very new, and not medieval at all. So do excuse me. It was a substitute, anyway, because we all know how bad I am at choosing names for people. I'd rather they choose themselves. Anyhow. Fiona is now to be called Avice, until she finds a name better suited to her.

Note: write about going to the chandler when he makes beeswax candles instead of tallow ones, and the way the wax smells. Also, about plain dresses and the market, and what it is like to enter a stall full of fabric. Write about making trim for a dress. Write about getting trim from Amelia for Christ's mass celebrations and exchanging trims and tablet cards. Also about patterns.

1 comment:

The Great Sandini said...

No! Please don't call her A vice! Think of the behavior that will encourage... ;-)