Wednesday, November 9

As soon as my sudafed kicks in, they're in for it.

I'm spending an incredibly sniffly morning at home trying to catch up to classes . . . one of my professors is so darn calm about not knowing anything that I could almost scream--you have to admit that that is adventurous, very risky, and I don't have to admit that I respect him for it, so I won't. Unfortunately, it's stripping away the illusion that the academic world can be settled into categories and answers. That's unsettling, because I like a world of black and white, now and then, but I suppose it's a good thing that that isn't what I have a passion for.

To do: remind self that it is okay to not know things. Refuse to be alchemist in high dark tower looking into crystal ball and counting names of fathers more important than sons (see LOTR for further vague abstractions).

Watch this trailer.

I'm taking this program next year, if all goes well.

I am also sniffly.

*rolls over on back and eyes turn to Xs*


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Per Everything Is.., the last amazing-looking trailer I saw was for Schultze Gets the Blues, which, when I saw the film, made me want to become a Carthusian monk because doing so would be less painful and boring. I will take your word regarding the seeming potential of this filmski, but if I am disappointed, I may swear off the cinema altogether.