Friday, October 28

Must . . . post . . .

Well, I've been thinking that I must have some kind of story running around in my head is willing to be told, but none of them are ready yet. Like half-baked bread, reluctant stories don't go down well. I really must have SOMEthing to be written . . . ! Am getting slightly fed up. I need to go do work, now. *sigh*

--SCA story idea
--venetian con man vignette
--vignette of medieval kitchen
--evening at the theatre postscript
--being late for a class in florence description
--medieval handmaid idea

You see, most of what I write is what I know. Who doesn't write what they know? Anyway, I am trying to find nice things to write about that don't frighten me out of my wits worrying if I will meet the right person to complete a certain vignette (because I'm not willing to try and copy the style of the person I was with at the time). It is rather a bothersome thing to try. So I guess I ought to get to work. Heh.


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