Saturday, October 15

Feeling the effects of caffeine for the first time in ages.

Wow. Well, I am shaky and have a slight headache, heart racing, and dizzy when I stand up. Whoa. This is so weird . . . I have coffee all the time, but I had an extra triple-shot today on account of two weeks' overdue class work . . . oh this is so bad for me. It JUST kicked in, and now I'm toast. I have to wake up tomorrow, too . . . *sigh*

I feel sick to my stomach. I haven't packed for my trip yet. So little time. Bah.

I think I might take my tunic along to Venice with me. Must sew things. Maybe I should take my embroidery instead, but it isn't mindless. Tunic is mindless. Maybe start the belt . . . Belt would be interesting to start. But would take too much preparation. Never mind that. Tunic or nothing.

Hate caffeine. Ugh.

Time to try again to focus on class work. Heh.

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