Thursday, August 25

status update: suspiciously uninterneted activities of miss rika

I have been doing a lot of baking. I have made, in the past five days:

        •        three (3) pans of brownies; two with walnuts and one of the fudge persuasion
        •        approximately a dozen meat pasties (pork and chicken with sage, thyme, potatoes, onions, garlic, & carrots)
        •        two (2) loaves of banana-chocolate-chip-&-walnut bread; one for a guy who has no family around for another month yet (just moved), another for my cool friends at the college office and current employer(s)
        •        four stuffed chicken breasts (two artichoke filled and the other roasted-red-bell-pepper)
        •        pesto and pasta
        •        a cool granita thingy--lemon juice and some wild-strawberry paint thinner/liqueur
        •        baked apples (with raisins, currants, cinnamon, brandy, and walnuts)
        •        tasty bruschetta made just like my Italian "auntie" taught me to make it
        •        breakfast sandwiches/grease-and-butter transport devices
        •        innumerable and ineffably tasty cafe lattes
        •        theoretical pancakes (I meant to make them)

I know most mothers do more than this, which is astounding. Nobody should ever underestimate mothers who cook and have clean houses, though those that do so on a consistent basis ought to be put away. Yes, I have also been cleaning. Mopping, sweeping, wiping down, disinfecting, washing with soap and water, scrubbing, rearranging, reorganising, putting things up; this is all never to be underestimated. No, I did not dust. Ha.

As a reward, I have a happy, more rested family, and plans to visit my bestest friend in the whole entire world for a whole big entire enormous weekend. Woot.

Classes are beginning again soon, too. I shall be Busy this year, again.


But I do have my podcasts, coffees, sisters, and books to urge me onwards to the ultimately cooler and more fun things ahead--like masters degrees. I am thinking, too, that I'd like to get a degree in theology or Bible after I do the Medieval Studies thing. That is all after I'm rich and famous, of course.

*sigh no. 2*

I hate the summer, and I love my new sweater, and I am spending the day (spent hitherto at the kitchen table listening to my The Gort read aloud HP IV and watching my cat hunt lizards and crickets) in the basement spinning piles of laundry into gold.

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