Saturday, July 30

I don't know.

I have a story that I may post, but I don't know if anybody would want to read it--it has to do with motives, mostly, and consequences, and thoughts, and people who don't have very much hope. And it is a tiny story. Maybe it is all in my head, all the depth of the story, because I've talked into it several conversations I've seen/heard/experienced. Rather difficult. I want to put into words so many things that I haven't the wit to express. And you know all of these things will be edited to pieces in a year or two. I don't even like them all now.

I analyse things too much. It makes writing dialogue a bit difficult, because all of their sentences are loaded. When I talk, it is usually like a rough draft of what I really mean to say, and then I never have time for even a final draft before the finished product gets out there in the open for everybody to hear. Lame. I almost wish I could do that for my characters but I don't really want to wish the torture of self-consciousness on them.

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