Saturday, June 18

what I should have done today but didn't

8 a.m. wake up, leisurely puttering about morning routines

        •        brush teeth
        •        brush hair (different brush)
        •        put ear drops in (5 min. on each side)
        •        take amoxicillin capsules (sp?)
        •        wash face (daily wash stuff)

9 a.m. make self latte and surf internet for inordinate amount of time

12 noon drink large glass of water because day is getting v. hot and we have no AC

        •        ear drops again
        •        decide to take shower and feel nice
        •        take shower; use hair mask stuff and go by the directions this time
        •        antibiotic capsule thingummy

1 p.m. am now out and dressed, thinking about a cup of tea

        •        put face masky thing on (5 min.)
        •        wriggle toes a bit
        •        hum
        •        take face masky thing off
        •        eat large brownie for lunch, stealing cappuccino icing off of other brownies

1.30 p.m. (does not take a long time to wriggle toes but does take long time to hum)

        •        take a long nap.

5 p.m. room is slowly cooling off and cat is stretched out on tile floor

        •        wake up
        •        ear drop thingies
        •        think about how nice it is to have face masky things
        •        read something amusing until it is time to get something to eat

. . .

10 p.m. retire to bedroom with cup of cafe latte and surf internet for an hour and a half before falling asleep with glasses on

        •        ear drops
        •        antibiotics
        •        take glasses off

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I say, Brig, that isn't a half-bad itinerary. I've half a mind to follow it myself, except that I'm deathly allergic to amox. (along, strangely, with band-aids, almond-extract, and people who say 'different than') and of course in that my cat is a dog.