Monday, May 16

There were even turrets.

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She hated playing secretary for her roommates, she really did. Especially in the middle of a chapter of something quite gripping.

"Yes," she said, nodding unconsciously. She raised her eyebrows once, but the chatterer on the other end was oblivious.

Fiddle-dee-dee . . . What were all those plastic jars hanging about the table? Cat would get them, use them for toys . . . Why can't they pick up after themselves!? Roommates, not cats. Plug adaptors and votive candle holders ballpoint pen refills, and caps to pens of whose genus or species she dare not guess; all littered the table.

The chatterer took a breath and the line was mercifully cut short. She had meant to pick up the doodads and thingummies that were scattered over the tabletop but found herself faced instead with a castle the majesty and glory of which had never been seen before. There were even turrets.

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