Friday, May 20

Signs outside the airport said "Drive on the left" in 5 languages.

I blog here not only because it is different and new and weird, but because I get my entries emailed to me and then I can forward them to other people; also, because I have wireless internet in my hotel room (*GRIN*) but limited battery on the compy and no place to get an adapter till tomorrow morning.

The meeting with the course coordinator for the MPhil was awesome; got to talk to two students and two professors, which was wonderful! Am on the right track; their best advice was to read things that I liked. Imagine, me--reading!? Sandy, thank you for praying, my dear. This totally = jewel-in-crown type material:D

Also got to drink multiple innocent smoothies (YUM) and have just now stolen down to the local Spar to get a bottle of water and some jaffa cakes (on sale: am inexorable thrift fiend when it comes to frivolities) accidentally stole into my hands as well. Whoops. Well, I've also spanned two different countries in the same sentence.

Can't wait to write more about Ireland in full. Things have changed even since the brief period between last fall and now . . . incredible! And I also took a bunch of photographs that I'll post later--again, when I have the battery for it. Will have pictures of where I'm at now up as well, eventually.

What a crazy couple of days, already. Looking forward to taking a shower and finishing up some reading tonight. A whole week ahead of me, too! I'm so excited:D

yours ever,


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sam said...

Miss Rika, you sound happy! :) That's good to see. Haven't visited your blogs for a while. Good to be back.