Monday, May 30

The church service had been interminably boring.

The only thing good about the sermon was that it had ended without bloodshed. The nobility filed out of the chapel with glazed eyes, blinking in the sunlight and the sharp wind and the fresh, clean smell.

"You look like a cranky toddler up from a nap. What's wrong with you?" She sounded almost cheerful. He grimaced.

"That man is a bore. He hasn't got anything to say that will apply in the real world." He took a step in silence as they rounded the corner of the building and turned back to the royal quarters. "Arguing over technical differences in the syntax of ancient whatever has no bearing on the way I live my life."

"Oh, I see. I still find it interesting most of the time but you're right, it isn't very practical." She walked precariously on the cobblestones and he wondered if she would ever think of asking for help as she looked ridiculously like a monkey on stilts when she wobbled on her shoes.

Turning into the shaded side of the great hall, they went along with the other nobles back into the main corridor.

"I think you should take a nap. You've enough time before luncheon."

"I think you should stop wearing those shoes, or you'll not have toes nor heel by luncheon."


The corridor echoed with their mingled voices and slowly untangled the voices into footsteps as everyone went their separate directions, preparing a pseudo-intellectual commentary that would make it sound as if they'd actually been listening that morning.

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